Our Story

Hi !                                                                    

Welcome to our online shop ! my name is Karla and I'm the owner of Hint of Happiness ♡

As a child I was very interested in different types of art and I definitely loved cute stuff !

As an adult, I first started cake decorating as a hobby and my colleagues had lots of cakes to eat ! I really liked cake decorating, but it's a very expensive hobby and besides, I don't really like baking.

In 2019, while I was considering start cake decorating again, I found a Youtube channel about polymer clay charms and I knew I had to try ! I was fascinated by all the different things we can create and found on Instagram an amazing community. I soon opened my very first online shop ! 

In 2020, I gave birth to my first and only child, I lost my job and the pandemic hit globally. It was a lot to process and I found myself in a constant state of anxiety. I decided to start therapy but I knew I also had to keep my creative mind busy and that I had to find a hobby that would be compatible with my new life.

Making clay charms was not very practical so I decided to buy an Ipad and learn how to draw ! I loved how easy it was to draw any time I had some free time as I just have to open the app and continue with my drawing right where I left it.

Therapy has helped me a lot and so did my art journey ! The name Hint of Happiness comes in fact from the feeling I have every time I create a piece of art and I hope it brings a little happiness into your life too !